Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Warmed up cat food really stinks

But it's the only way he'll take his meds. Yesterday, my fat cat was acting odd. Walking funny, howling and just being more of a lazy bum than normal. Off to the vet he went for a day of monitoring and waiting for him to pee. Yes, $120.00 to wait for him to pee. Finally got a call 6 hours later to find out he's got an infection. So now I get to crush pills up into microwaved wet cat food that smells like the worst chicken casserole on the planet. Sooo glad I don't eat that stuff anymore. The chicken, not cat food. Well really, not either.

I'm guessing he'll be back on my feet in the sewing room and lying on the sewing machine pedals so each time I get up to iron my machine still magically runs as he rolls his fat self over it. Today I'll be working on a new wedding dress design and am thinking of starting up some ready made Jem dresses for Halloween. Last year I did at least 4 or 5 Jem outfits so I've got the dress down.

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