Monday, December 28, 2009

PPPIIINNNKKK hair of course

What whaaaaat? Yes, it's pink hair. Thanks to my obsession with the color this has come about. It went well with the sunrise shown here from our resort room at Turtle Bay two weeks ago in O'ahu. I miss that sun........

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And, new ink!

Thanks to my super darling bff (she'd totally make fun of me for typing that) Stacey Martin of Dovetail Tattoo in Austin TX gave me some new ink last month. They also have a facebook page, just search 'dovetail tattoo' or my darling Miss Martin.

Go to Texas. Head over to Austin. Get some ink from the best in the west!

Victoria's and GaGa goodness

I swear that Lady GaGa herself had a hand in the Victoria's Secret fashion show that I'm watching right now. The opening walk was RIDICULOUSLY awesome, but why do people make fun of my dear Lady's outfits? That gold lightening bolt explosion on the one that was close to last was PURE GAGA.

So, I've been mia lately because I have NO LIFE other than sewing, work, sewing, Oahu....what's that? Oahu? Yes! I'm heading there soon! But for kicks, here's the Halloween madness I was part of.......Marilyn, Lady GaGa and Jem. Oh yes, JEM. And I can't figure out why the photo sucks. omg the green outfit on Fergie right now? Sweetness.