Monday, March 29, 2010

..........................Bad cupcake.

Ok, not terribly bad, but def not the best or even in the top 10 that I've ever had. Went to Troy on Saturday to check out a shop to sell my dresses at. There was a vegan bakery next of course we had to check it out! But, dissapointment was in my near future.

The building was great looking, all pale turquoise blue and white. Big windows in front with striped awnings over top. We walked in and the chalkboard had all the different pastries, pies, cakes and cupcakes listed. But, there was a pastry display case that had only a small fraction of what the board said they had. I ordered the chocolate peanut butter cupcake. The cake was good but the frosting was crunchy!? Like, they either added in granulated sugar to the frosting, or made thier own powdered sugar from granulated sugar and just did a half ass job at it. There was only 1 kind of tea available, no trash cans to be found anywhere, and overall we were kinda dissapointed and thought of all the ways we could run a better shop. I'm not naming the name of it as it wasn't worth remembering really. Eh. I think I just expect MORE from a vegan bakery. To be such a special niche, it should be such a special place that carries recyclable packaging and cups and more variety. I won't be back.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's almost his birthday!

Tomorrow is my lovely mustachioed husbands birthday. He'll be 32 and it's going to be very uneventful as we both have to work, I'm broke, and only ONE gift has come in the mail dammit.

I have however calmed down a bit from the whole Hyundai thing. They are still asshats but I'm writing a letter for real. Like it will make a difference! But I'll feel better about it. Jerks.

And I'm off the Fat Smash diet. I was Soooo cranky for 9 days without pasta, sugar, cheese.....yes cheese! I lost what, 2 pounds? Eff that. Back on the carb and cheese train and feeling great. Fat and great. Whatevs.......

I don't remember where I got this photo but this guy is HOT.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dear Hyundai, your customer service blows.

Long story short, Hyundai customer service friggin' sucks. I don't even own the car anymore. I never will ever ever buy a Hyundai ever again and will tell everyone I know NOT to buy one because your customer service sucks. Your accounting department is full of idiots and for some reason when Subaru sent you the payoff check you, YES YOU HYUNDAI deposited that check into someone else's account. Yes, you did. You admitted this to us on the phone yet, no apology for doing it. No apology for telling us to pay up two months worth of car payments to a car that was already paid off. Resold even. But you treated us like we were non-paying dirt-bags. For hours we were on hold listening to your 'customer service' bullshit.

Try hiring someone who can recognize that when Subaru calls for a payout amount for xyz account that when they get that check that they can figure out it deposits into xyz account. Not another account and then blaming the customer for the issue. Your cars are junk, your service is even worse.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Very Easy Vogue

Well for once they were mostly right! I love Vogue patterns, I do...but sometimes they are totally speaking another language to me and I've been sewing for over 20 years. But this one, Vogue 8446 is coming out super cute! Though I'm wishing when I cut out the pattern as I was scrunched on Lisa's floor that I did a better job of seeing where the eyelet pattern stopped. Well, that's why there's a belt to be added. I'm hoping to wear this on Wednesday so I'll totally post a picture for the whole 6 people who read this. ha!

Friday, March 5, 2010

MEN! Please get with it!

This is why I do my day job, because this makes me sad for the men out there. My man however is a champ on this issue, because well...I talk about it all the time.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Horrible Day

First off, not much sleep because SOMEONE came home after 12:30 am and woke me and Fartie up. Then shampoo in my eyes so I'm stuck wearing glasses. THEN the alteration of 'just redoing the zipper' took 3 hours because it was not just redoing the zipper, the whole damn thing had to come apart! I'm cold, cranky, we're out of tuna so no tuna melts and Fartie's eyes are still weepy and I felt like such a jerk putting drops in them this morning.

Feck today.