Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dear Hyundai, your customer service blows.

Long story short, Hyundai customer service friggin' sucks. I don't even own the car anymore. I never will ever ever buy a Hyundai ever again and will tell everyone I know NOT to buy one because your customer service sucks. Your accounting department is full of idiots and for some reason when Subaru sent you the payoff check you, YES YOU HYUNDAI deposited that check into someone else's account. Yes, you did. You admitted this to us on the phone yet, no apology for doing it. No apology for telling us to pay up two months worth of car payments to a car that was already paid off. Resold even. But you treated us like we were non-paying dirt-bags. For hours we were on hold listening to your 'customer service' bullshit.

Try hiring someone who can recognize that when Subaru calls for a payout amount for xyz account that when they get that check that they can figure out it deposits into xyz account. Not another account and then blaming the customer for the issue. Your cars are junk, your service is even worse.

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