Thursday, October 1, 2009

Health care, flu shots, real sex education

Things that are scary with this health care bullshit- now they aren't even agreeing to keep women's health care a priority. Um, hello? It's how you all got here! It's half the population! And you want to screw us out of care that we already HAVE? Eff that. I'll be writing letters to congressmen and women every dang day until something is done. If you'd like to help you can call or write too. Help out Planned Parenthood by following this link
It will bring you to the call in page and you can also help out by donating.

There was a protest against the flu shots at the capitol the other day but after a paycheck screw up I didn't have all the extra cash hanging around to waste half a tank of gas to drive there and protest myself. I just hope something changes, but I doubt it. It's bullshit.

This week is the week of action for the REAL Act, which is for comprehensive sex education. What that means is that teens should get all the correct information on their bodies, sex and sexuality so that they are able to make good decisions on their own. Many schools do only abstinence only and we all know how well that works! Heck, even Texas (I know, TX?) says it doesn't work! So this is our week to let everyone know what teens in schools need. More information can be found here
I'll be out today in my hot pink tshirt with silver sparkle SEX ED protecting our future on the front. Oh, and I'll be at the fabric shop getting MORE hot pink and pale pink satin for more Jem costumes. I think I'm making Pizzazz today too, w00t.