Monday, March 29, 2010

..........................Bad cupcake.

Ok, not terribly bad, but def not the best or even in the top 10 that I've ever had. Went to Troy on Saturday to check out a shop to sell my dresses at. There was a vegan bakery next of course we had to check it out! But, dissapointment was in my near future.

The building was great looking, all pale turquoise blue and white. Big windows in front with striped awnings over top. We walked in and the chalkboard had all the different pastries, pies, cakes and cupcakes listed. But, there was a pastry display case that had only a small fraction of what the board said they had. I ordered the chocolate peanut butter cupcake. The cake was good but the frosting was crunchy!? Like, they either added in granulated sugar to the frosting, or made thier own powdered sugar from granulated sugar and just did a half ass job at it. There was only 1 kind of tea available, no trash cans to be found anywhere, and overall we were kinda dissapointed and thought of all the ways we could run a better shop. I'm not naming the name of it as it wasn't worth remembering really. Eh. I think I just expect MORE from a vegan bakery. To be such a special niche, it should be such a special place that carries recyclable packaging and cups and more variety. I won't be back.

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