Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kelly's Sundress

This is one of the sundresses I had in a fashion show in June. A fashion show/competition that was well......I think I was there more for 'show' not really much else. My dresses that were painstakingly whipped up over a month and a half, fully lined, wearable, with petticoats and shrugs, french seams and pleated by hand...where did they end up? Coming in THIRD to bikinis and outfits glued together from garbage. Yup. I guess that was my charity donation for the year. Bitter much?

Anyways, Kelly looked amazing in this dress that I had actually made for myself to wear to an Ani DiFranco concert. Then thought I'd be over dressed if I wore it to the concert and decided to put in the show. It fit her perfectly and nothing needed to be changed, it's just adorable if I do say so myself. So adorable that someone should buy the darn thing and wear it to Sunday tea or the track because everytime I look at it hanging on the garment rack I think back to the show and how it was a waste of time. Big sigh, right?
Oh, and obviously I sell on etsy. I effing love it.

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