Monday, August 31, 2009

Treasury on Etsy!

So, much to my surprise on Saturday I got an email saying one of my fascinators was in an Etsy Treasury. Very cool!

It was put together by the lovely Mornin Glorias on etsy who not only has lovely barrettes and brooches but has lovely photos of her creations as well. Now, if because of this treasury someone will actually buy a fascinator? That would be super sweet. I have so many freakin flowers and feathers sitting around here, some have got to go. I had a good run with them at the craft sales I did last year, and I wear the ones I made for myself many places but now it's like you see them even at Kohls, and they are not made well. Humph.

Over the weekend I whipped up a shift dress in honor of Libby Pulitzer. Amy Butler cotton and vintage cream cotton lace in two rows down the front. If I hadn't worn it to a rainy pool party with my disaster of pink dyed bangs...well, there would be a photo of it up right now. I do plan on making more since I'm on the Libby train ever since I watched a Martha re-run all on Libby a week or so ago. That reminds me.......

Dear Martha,

It would be super sweet that if when your new show comes out it was broadcast in HD. It would make your show even more fabulous if it was, so please please please be in HD!

Hugs, Jill

Another idea we had over the weekend was on our halloween costumes. Since the pink dying incedent, I thought about how much I missed having pink hair. What better excuse to do it again? Why, be Jem on Halloween! I'm super psyched about it and already had a pattern for the dress and belt because last year I sold a couple of them in my etsy shop. I just need to find the blinky star earrings, or find my soldering gun and do them myself. OR- if you're reading this and have them for sale please let me know!

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  1. Did you find a pair of these earrings? I would really love a pair too