Friday, August 28, 2009

Hooks and Eyes and lack there of

So a while back I wrote an email letter to Dritz about the hook and eye packages they sell. At one point when you purchased a package of nickel hooks and eyes you were able to use the whole package because there were even numbers of eyes to hooks. Not so much anymore, andI've been to 4 JoAnn's to see if maybe it was just my closest store or what. Now each package you buy, unless you purchase white ones, you are screwed out of half the eyes. Instead, you get flat eyes that are USELESS really to me and I'm sure other dressmakers who use them to finish off a zipper closure in back. I wrote a letter asking if I could send all the useless flat ones back in exchange for the curved eyes. I don't think they understood, or got my sarcasm that I really wanted to send back over 100 flat eyes for the other. Either that or no one really reads the comments or questions that someone sends them and they are just being aholes about it.

Also today I baked what might be the worst looking cupcakes in the world. This was after I overcooked lentils for a salad (hot squishy mess now) AND effed up my bangs to be some weird shade of pink instead of HOT pink on the tips. Now, it looks like Barbie hair when you tried to color her hair when you were little with Crayola markers. The cupcakes overflowed out of their cups and all over the pans and have dents in them and I'm going to do my best tomorrow to fill them in with frosting so no one notices. And, AND freakin fattie cat is being a total jerk and not eating his food because the antibiotics is in it. Nice. My night had better be good.

Project Runway was ok last night, I'm not into pregnancy or designing for it really. Not really sad to see 'chicken thigh egg boy' go away, maybe he should contact Bjork? I do like her, but I think she's got the 'conceptualism' he's into. I have no clue who's going to win at this point, but am seriously thinking of trying out the next time around. Because the world needs ONE MORE vintage inspired designer, right? Right.

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