Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ten Dollar Salad

Who runs out of grilled vegetables at 2 o'clock on a Thursday? Who only has ONE vegetable panini option? Urgh. I'm tired of having only ONE option at restaurants in town, one measly vegetarian option. At least 10 different other meat paninis, but only one vegetable one and that's the one they were out of today. I was ticked. So, I was left getting a $9.99 salad. Ten Dollar Salad. I felt like I was in the Pulp Fiction movie during the '5 dollar shake' scene. For a ten dollar salad it should of been freakin' amazing, right? It was ok. I've made something similar at home before. Eh.

I'm now watching another recorded Martha re-run and will again give my plea.

Dear Martha, I hope your new season is in HD. It would make that $10 salad so much better. Well, not really. But it would make watching your show so much better. Hugs, Jill

I don't have anything else to post on sewing today, or kittens, or cupcakes.......wait I do! I had a great cupcake from The Bread Basket Bakery in Saratoga last night.
It was fabulous- dark chocolate filled with black cherry goo and topped with super yum kinda cream cheesy frosting and had cinnamon somewhere in there and a chocolate 'S' for Saratoga. It was fantastic, I wish I had a photo. Much better than other cupcakes I've had in town, and I'm inspired to put cherry goodness in the cupcakes I'm baking tomorrow for a little girl birthday party.

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