Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Martha, please do your show in HD!

I keep hoping and hoping that I'll see the Martha Stewart Show in HD. I know they are in reruns right now and the new show doesn't start up until September 14th, but come on Martha! Why aren't you in HD yet? I've emailed the show, they claim "We will also be sending this email to Martha herself" which I'm sure is bull. There are some of the crappiest shows in HD, I just don't get why hers is in low def. So in order to watch it on our 56" projection tv on the HD tier, you have to stretch it and it gets even more blurry. Frustrating to say the least for someone who is really into the show. Maybe I'll just post about it every day until it happens? Be that annoying squeeky wheel?

Onto other things- yesterday I decided it was time for a new style for white eyelet sundresses. I'll be posting the photos later today and the dress in my etsy shop I had to think of something new because the older style with ties all over the place, facings, lining....wasn't worth what I was charging or driving around trying to find the eyelet.

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