Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kitten Pink Cupcake

I found this most adorable catnip toy this morning by typing in the following words into Etsy search: kitten pink cupcake. It is SO freakin cute!
It's from seller spellwell on etsy and the shop is
These cute little cupcake treats have organic catnip inside (which is great!) and they have some other kinda gruesome catnip toys too (think beheaded fishies with guts trailing out) for sale in the shop. It's just too adorable not to post, and being someone who is a little psycho about her cats, even though the sick fat one is now NOT taking his crushed up meds in food, little jerk...anyways, this was cute and I had to share!

On other news, yesterday was Women's Equality Day in honor of the passing of the 19th Amendment. I spent it doing a Burma Shave in the next town over for women's health care, and we had hot pink signs and hot pink tshirts. Many cars gave us honks and thumbs up, though a couple did do thumbs down and yell "I'm not a socialist!" to which we turned and looked at each other and said "Well, neither are we!". What was cool was how many men honked, though it could of been they were just honking at 6 women in hot pink on the street...

And, because I'm in love with I just found this fab cartoon link
Sigh. I wish it weren't true.

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