Monday, February 15, 2010

Home remedies and hurdy gurdies

I think I'm on a hurdy gurdy kick. The band Djinn has one in it and I'm in love with their stuff. What's fun is making a room full of older women belly dance to it all while I'm jamming out dancing to my own beat. I'm sure they'll catch on to the greatness of it all....eventually.

Fartbomb (cat at bottom of page) still has conjuncitivitis. He's not doing well with the stupid gel we have to smoosh in his poor eyes and tries to bite me every 12 hours. So I read up on the great curing powers of ACV. Yes, apple cider vinegar. Now not only does he have goopy eyes, swollen eyes, but now he reeks of vinegar. Awesome.

My cat hates me.

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