Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gonna get me a new sewing room!

So I'm waiting for a call back from the realtor to talk selling our home and getting a newer one. Newer meaning this house was built in 1930 and it's kinda drafty and needs a bigger kitchen. How I survived for 5 years with only 2 square feet of prep space is beyond me! My sewing room has also been taken over by totes up to the ceiling full of fabric, dress forms and I have a cutting table under a bunch of junk...somewhere in there. It's time. Time to move on up to a real garage and kitchen islands!

Dear Martha,

Wouldn't it be cool if you came to a housewarming party for me at my soon to be new home? You could broadcast your new show there, in HD of course. And you could even do that silly thing you do at the beginning of EVERY show where you LOOK like you're cooking or cutting or rolling out dough...but we know you're really not. My new kitchen will be perfect for that! Please come on up, broadcast in HD and have a martini with me. We'll be BFF's in no time.

Hugs, Jill

Today's costume idea is Swamp Thing's lady friend. Take any old and/or vintage dress and dye it with blues and green dyes all sloppy. Stitch on some rubber snakes, paint yourself up with green and sludge brown make up and throw on a messy wig with snakes in it as well and ta-da! Hottie from the Swamp. Just don't do what I did years ago.....this was a lovely white chiffon vintage dress that I dumped in the indigo vat. Thought, *thought* I rinsed it enough to wear out. Well............when I came home and peeled it off I was blue too. Nice. Stage two of the costume was 'dead dyed blue girl pulled from the swamp'.

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