Thursday, April 22, 2010


So I fell on my ass in the middle of Target. The floors there are super slippery and I went down like a champ. Annie's Mac and Cheese boxes went flying, the PUR water filter broke part of my fall and the stupid size 7 flats are too tight that I bought. My elbow is super bruised, my hip hurts, and my ankle is slightly twisted. Nice. I had a crap program teaching 7th graders about teen pregnancy only to get one kid saying 'fag fag fag' to another which honestly is a great way to make my blood boil. Ugh! Tweens!

On the upside I'm swamped with prom dress and bridal orders! 20 yards of seersucker showed up for 5 dresses which will be super cute and Renee's prom dress that I'm just making up is going along swimmingly. I cannot wait to bellydance tomorrow night for a cancer survivor group and then hang out with the love of my life afterwards. I'm sure it will make up for my blowout yesterday in Target. Damn you Target and your slippery floors!

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